Feb. 26th, 2017

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17-18. Alex + Ada by Jonathan Luna and Sarah Vaughn - I don't really remember this one. I had a lot to say about the first volume where Alex woke up Ada to let her be cognizant but that one reminded me of Tanith Lee's Silver Robot Lover (was that the title?) where the ambiguity of relationships is reflected in the way that the robot doesn't have feelings. In this book, there is just a lot of stuff about very wealthy people trying to hide their relationships and so it becomes a gay metaphor. So Alex gets in trouble for Ada and finds out that some friends approve when she seems to have conscious thoughts while others do not. And in the end it's the issue of a spurned girlfriend ruining things and sending everyone to jail. Or he goes to jail. And then in the course of 20 years the world moves on and people stop being afraid of robots. So when he gets out he can find a way to find Ada and they can live happily ever after. Yeah, that's about it. So it's a metaphor for gay rights but like X-Men comics it doesn't necessarily follow everything as closely. And the story muddles the metaphor.

19. Dance with Dragons by George R.R. Martin - I read this one when it first came out or shortly after it first came out. So this time there was a lot of memory switching. I could have sworn that Jeyne Poole came up to the Wall on a horse begging Jon Snow to save her before he got stabbed. Another woman came to Castle Black trying to get help but she just wanted to marry a Wildling. Pretty Meris was a character that I didn't remember from before but this time I kept reading her thinking "Did Tysha turn into a scary torturer?" which would be a better fate for her than most of the ones that you can imagine after Tywin had her raped by an entire battalion. I remembered being much more bored with Bran in the first reading. This time I was pretty much meh about the whole thing. And of course, I did not have that same holy shit holy shit Varys kills Kevan moment this time. I am also more annoyed with the Aegon chapters. I really hope that they turn out like the Quentyn chapters turn out in this book. I didn't hate Quentyn but it was still fun to read about him fucking up with the dragons.

20. Last Gang in Town by Simon Oliver and Rufus Dayglo - Oy Punks. It's a fun trio which goes back and forth from the plot to steal the crown jewels in the 1970s and the plot to destroy the Trump magic money satellite in the present. They also beat up the Sex Pistols. One of the problems with reading comics is that some are just enjoyable and I can't convey about how much I like the art since I don't feel comfortable writing about art work. Rufus Dayglo is the better artist in this one and he really makes the book. Queen Elizabeth as a sociopath who has punks tortured for giving her the finger is a great addition.

21. Judge Dredd: Mega-City Zero by Farinas and Freitas - What the fuck was that? I guess that the chapter where Judge Dredd ends up in the manosphere bothered me the most since there's really not that much to say about men being all men's rights and making a dystopia where the douchiest men can treat women however they want is not so much satire as sad repetition of the kind of alt-right bullshit that passes for discourse. The rest of the comic just seems to sputter around without Mega-City. Mega-City is gone and it's in the past or it's in a dream or this is all a dream. It's really kind of stupid.


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