Apr. 5th, 2017

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30.House of Mystery: Safe as Houses by Matthew Sturges & Luca Rossi - Comic books are strange animals because they have a commitment to selling every month and in that case they don't want to alienate potential new readers who could get easily confused. So clumsy exposition is the nature of the beast. No matter how much you might know about the X-Men someone is going to tell you about Nightcrawler's recent trip to the Bahamas in issue #492. So the fact that I do not know these characters and don't know why there is a father-son-grandfather team is something I respect. The book isn't holding my hand and telling me everything I need to know. If I want to figure out who these people are, I can read other volumes. That's how Love & Rockets pulled me in.

Only this one isn't really pulling me in. If I see another House of Mystery collection at the library I might check it out, but I'm not hooked and the story about witches vs. puritans just bores me. It seems like the kind of story that would come out of The Dreaming or late Fables. There is some interest but ultimately it's pretty forgettable. I get the feeling that it's for 20-something readers since there's a lot of slacker angst in this thing especially with our heroine sleeping with the same guy but still in love with her old boyfriend that abandoned her. And I guess the ending means that her father, brother and grandfather have found that boyfriend. Mostly it all feels like that old joke about how "I say I am like a 21 year old and then I hang out with 21 year old people and nope, I'm 30."

31.The Shadow of the Crescent Moon by Fatima Bhutto - Napoleon was a Corsican separatist. Before I review this book, I have to mention my favorite historical irony which is that Napoleon grew up in Corsica, wrote several poems about how Corsica should fight for its independence and had a great deal of interaction with the anti-France terrorists. And then his family fell out with the main rebel groups, so he joined the French army and just took over France after years of distinguished service. Seriously, how the fuck does that happen? It's like one day a Palestinian from Gaza gets involved in Hamas, gets pissed off at Hamas, joins the IDF and then what the hell becomes to PM...for life and decides to resolve that Iran problem once and for all by invading everything between Israel and Tehran. That's Napoleon. Only in the Gaza Israeli Prime Minister analogy (which is rough), there's no winter to ruin the fun.

Anyhow, the part of this book that reminded me of Napoleon was part where the town of Mir Ali is constantly the second class town where Pakistan doesn't want anything to do with it and most of the residents want to get the fuck out of Pakistan. Pakistan soldiers routinely kidnap people and torture them (women get raped in interrogation of course) and use citizens against each other. So by the end of the book there is a part where the minister starts welcoming Mir Ali citizens into the Pakistani army, but of course it's all hush hush because the recruits are going to be traitors.

And that's not what the book is about. The book is about three brothers and their relationship to their father who is the proud warrior who keeps telling stories about fighting the Pakistani army and romanticizing his experience even as he lost. The older brother wants to get to America and study so he's unwittingly giving information to the Pakistani intelligence that is getting his neighbors kidnapped and tortured. The youngest son is working with the resistance. They are both in love with the same woman, but they are both wrong for her. The middle son is a doctor and his son is dead and you know that the story is tragic. Ostensibly told over the course of a few hours in the morning until noon, the book at its best reminds me the Ian McEwan novel Saturday where everything takes place in a time frame and it's supposed to be a microcosm of their lives. However, the thing does keep giving us hints of the history and that feels a little like a cheat. But overall, it's a pretty great book.
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I have been pretty much staying on livejournal out of habit. Facebook took all the major fun for blogging and since I can write long notes on Facebook I need never be on Livejournal again. I like Livejournal and it's got a nostalgia factor for me. You can read very old livejournals of when I was wanting to convert to Judaism and trying to be all uptight. You can read me getting jingoistic. You can go to any random entry and either think that I'm hilarious or a fucking asshole. It's all there. And I did learn how to write and I made a lot of contacts. I baited Nickolaus Pacione unaware that this would get me introductions to most of the horror writers out there. I started my publishing company because of livejournal and my desire to edit an anthology. I was encouraged through livejournal. I met friends through livejournal. I got laid through livejournal (more when I moved to New York - people just wanted to visit that city more) and I worked out a lot of emotional issues through livejournal.

So it's kind of shitty that this fucking bullshit is in the TOS that I just signed to keep on livejournal -
User is not allowed:
register as a User of a legal entity;
to register as a Member on behalf of another person;
misleading about its identity or its relationship with other persons;
to carry out mass messages without the consent of the recipient;
carry out activities aimed at the disruption of the normal functioning of the Service;
used without special authorization Administration automated scripts (bots, crawlers , etc... ) to collect the Service information and / or interaction with the Service;
advertise and / or political propaganda, except as otherwise specifically stated in a separate agreement between the User and the Administration;
take any other actions that violate Russian legislation and / or other applicable legislation, including legislation the seat of the user.
So that means my livejournal can be just fucking deleted if I piss off the wrong Russian? And fuck all, I fucking hate Putin. I want Putin to just fucking die. I want all the Russian soldiers currently in Syria to accidentally set off those explosions that they use to murder Syrians and kill themselves instead. Russia is a fascist dictatorship run by a bunch of fucking criminals who are stealing all the money from Russia and of course, they wanted Trump in charge of America to do the same thing.

I already got a stern warning and a block when I wrote that I was happy that the Russian ambassador to Turkey was killed and that I hoped all the Russians stationed in Syria also met similar bullets for carrying out the will of Putin. Some guy reported me and I had to take out the line about killing the Russian military. The Russian ambassador can still be dead and good riddance. But this fucking country passes anti-LGBT and pro-domestic violence bills all the time.

And don't even think that St. Petersburg won't be used as an excuse to invade Lithuania or punish more of Crimea. The only reason why it isn't play 24/7 with some bullshit "I stand with Russia because they are white" is because Russia's ally Syria chose today to murder a bunch of people with the poison gas instead of the usual bombs and torture.

But livejournal has been such a part of my blogging experience. What is Dreamwidth like? I remember so many friends, many are dead. Hell, is [livejournal.com profile] ljers4eternity still out there? I dont' want to leave Livejournal. I also don't want my livejournal suddenly deleted because I talked shit about Putin. I mean when Putin dies in May, I am not going to be able to keep my glee confined to Facebook.

So maybe this only pertains to Russians. After all, it's not a legally binding TOS. So yeah, I can't go to jail for praising Pussy Riot or denigrating Putin, but that doesn't mean that I would have all those entries there. They were stupid entries, but that's some fucking history, ok?

I already lost my ability to review things on Amazon last year (ok I have one account where I can review things. I just wrote a review saying that The Cove is racist). Don't want to lose this platform as well. And Facebook already put me in a week time out for Cathy Brennan is a Fake Goth.

Vladmir Putin is a Fake Goth.

And a fucking psycho who is robbing his people blind while he ruins everything that he touches.


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