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You can't keep an internet crank down - - Apparently Furry Jew has released another tl;dr wall of text in order to repeat his assertion that Dave Truesdale is a Holocaust denier. He goes by a bunch of things that Truesdale wrote about the dead James Hogan that were less than "Fuck that Guy" levels of acrimony.

And just so we are clear. James Hogan actually was a Holocaust denier so fuck that guy.

What drives Furry Jew at the moment is the fact that Dave Truesdale's entire SFWA "the PC Police don't want to us to see nekkid ladies" petition was argued and discussed without ONCE anyone citing Furry Jew's long and tedious expose concerning Truesdale's alleged Holocaust denial. Oh sure, a sane and rational person could think that it wasn't important to the conversation or that it was something that couldn't be shoehorned into a conversation that was already full of topics like sexism, editorial oversight, the proper audience for a trade magazine, First Amendment, red baiting and old people.

But Furry Jew is not sane or rational. In fact Furry Jew sees himself as the crusader against all that is anti-Semitic and Communist.

He also says nice things about anti-Semitic racist POS Vox Day (aka Theodore Beale) but what's a little anti-Semitism between friends?

He also posts blog entries on Shabbos.

Unfortunately, he's become like Nicky. He was funny once, but now it's just sad to think that he's gotta live with himself.

So why am I calling attention to a vulgar little troll that is delusional enough to think that he's somehow engaging in heroic journalism against the forces of Political Correctness, Holocaust Denial and anti-Semitism? Because I know that he is the kind of delusional fuckhead who can't resist babbling on forever about people who hurt his feelings. He actually did an 8 part series on Mamatas because of a comment thread response calling him unintentionally funny.

And I just released and need all the publicity I can get. And this guy called me "Philip K Dick, Kafka & Philip Roth merged in real life" - and he fucking HATES me. I may have to use that in a blurb.

Update: Furry Jew lengthened the wall of text to include this post - so remember - you can also buy She Nailed a Stake Through His head - but the weird part is that he equates the fact that I don't give a flying fuck about Dave Truesdale is proof that I am consistently denying that Truesdale is a Holocaust denier. The logic is impeccable and the kind of thing that you would expect from a person who claims to be Jewish and yet desecrates Shabbat.

But really it is pretty sad - Furry Jew wants the entire science fiction community to actually READ his million words on why Dave Truesdale is a Holocaust denier and since he's dismissed as a crank (his evidence is less than compelling - also no one gives a fuck - Dave Truesdale could also be a pedophile and puppy fucker for all we know and it will not affect anyone) he can play the victim role and continue to write his lashon hara for all the world to see. What's a little chilul hashem when you have so many enemies to attack?


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