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Ok, if you live in New York and you're not doing anything on Wednesday. I have a reading of a play that I wrote here. It's only about 10 minutes long, and I'm going fifth (so get there around 630 and you probably won't miss it). Obviously, don't make a special trip to Park Slope to see it, since it's not like a 10 minute reading of a play (even a VIOLENT play - BOO BOO Violent playwrights!!!!) is going to move you to orgasms. But if you're around the area, drop by. Say hi. I'm the dude in the yarmulke (I hope the Skylight Room isn't attached to the restaurant too much since the restaurant is one of those bbq places with a big pig as a logo and yeah, I'm the one with the yarmulke)
LIU Playwright’s Lab Reading April 25th
6:00- 8:00
The Skylight Room at:

Biscuit Barbecue
230 5th Ave (Cross Street: Between President St. & Carroll St.)
Brooklyn, NY 11215
(718) 399-2161

Directions: Take the N or the R to Union Street
You’ll be on 4th Avenue between Union and President. Take a left out of the station (toward President Street). Take a right on President Street, go up it to 5th Avenue. Biscuit BBQ is on the corner.

Or, take the F to 7th Avenue. Walk down to President. Take a left on President to 5th Avenue.


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