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5. Tiger Lung by Simon Roy & Jason Wordie - This one is beautifully illustrated and since the authors are working with the distant past there are a lot of stories based on speculation. Unfortunately, it's also one that I barely remember a week after reading it. One of the problems of including graphic novels in these tallies is that the graphic novels don't always leave an impression and this one has a lot of material about spirit animals and different tribes being crazy and shape shifting but the most prominent thing I can remember is the author saying that he didn't want to be noble savage and reductive but fortunately everyone wore bears. It's a rather nothing book.

6. Heart of Ice by Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill - Fucking Alan Moore has to get over the fucking Cthulu. Also the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen warranted one sequel. Everything else feels like overkill, from the third installment that required 3-D glasses and made references to 20th century pulp that only Moore has ever heard about (the Jeeves & Wooster meet Cthulu story is fun in that one but he also did a nauseating beat parody that just fell flat) to the 1910 books to the one where Harry Potter is the big villain at the end and he's saying something about story telling. As much as I loved the original LXG and the H.G. Wells sequel, I am happy that Moore has officially retired from comic books just so I don't have to see another fucking League sequel or spinoff.

This is a spinoff. Captain Nemo's daughter goes to the South Pole and encounters Cthulu. There's some time bending stuff in the middle that is supposed to go together and those aren't penguins. The obvious cameo is William Randolph Hearst bragging about how he can start a war and the rest is just a uninteresting mess with characters that only exist to make a point.

7.Personal Darkness by Tanith Lee - Have I fallen out of love with Tanith Lee? It's getting to where I don't want to read my favorites for fear that they will be shite. I felt relief when I read the first 50 pages of this book and they didn't suck. Then again, I read the first book in this series again - The Dark Dance - and I found that a book that I remembered as a favorite had turned out to be rather shallow and creepy. Vampire incest certainly has some value but it fell flat with Lee's cast of weird sociopaths. At least this one has Ruth, the daughter from the previous book, killing off families in search of the woman who raised her when her mother was being a Tanith Lee character. Those are some genuinely scary moments. It's only when Ruth comes back to the family that I feel like Lee is padding the book with a story about a man whose daughter ran off with the Scarabae and wants to get her back. He's an innocent in a grim world and his story is predictable.

So I guess it's a better incest vampire book than the first Blood Opera one but it's still incest vampire.


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