Mar. 29th, 2017

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27. A Hell of a Woman by Jim Thompson - About 20 pages into reading this book, I realized that I had read it before. I specifically remembered the guy collecting for the furniture store going to the deadbeat's business and getting the money directly from the boss. I might have read this shortly after I defaulted on all my credit cards so the idea of someone garnishing wages was actually kind of scary at the time. I didn't remember anything else about the book and even as I read it, I knew where it was kind of going only because Jim Thompson is not the most surprising writer. The small time schmuck with the loser complex is going to have a grand plan and fuck it up. He will mostly likely end up dead. Very few Thompson books end with the protagonist alive.

At this point he's like Philip K. Dick for me. I still have affection for his writing, but there's a 50/50 chance I have read a book already and just forgot it. I almost feel like I should describe the plot just in case I pick up this book in another 10-20 years and start reading it and go "hey I know this book." Anyhow, schmuck meets a dame and she's a hooker or she's being pimped out by her grandmother or a woman who seems to be her grandmother. Schmuck doesn't realize that he's an asshole even though it's pointed out to him repeatedly. Schmuck's boss acts like the police inspector in Crime & Punishment who has an annoying habit of knowing everything. Schmuck gets pissy, kills people, gets away with money (oh yeah there's money), but then the boss like knows everything. In the end the schmuck either jumps out the window or has an overdose. It's a bit confusing there.

28. Biblical Poetry Through Medieval Jewish Eyes by Adele Berlin - This one got confusing for me. Mostly I was accustomed to the Robert Alter Biblical poetry books where everything is cut and dried and Alter talks about what is poetry and what isn't poetry and how it illuminates the work. This book was a survey of the rabbinical and literary discussions of Biblical Hebrew and whether it has meter, rhythm, grammar, etc. These are all things that were getting invented in the middle ages or found in the middle ages. Some of the articles are trying to go "nuh-uh Hebrew is way better than Arabic" in a purposeful argument with the belief that the Koran is the most beautiful religious text ever written. I don't know if there are Christian critics who get into similar polemics. Mostly Christians don't seem to care about the book until King James when SHakespeare comes on the scene (did Shakespeare get hired for this project? Probably). Of course, before then the Bible was not for the laity. Anyhow this is fascinating but I think I need another level of fascination with linguistics and the way scholars study language to really get into it.

29. Bandette, vol. 1 Presto! by Tobin & Coover - French teenage girl thief and her team rob from a major crime syndicate and spend most of their time working for the police. I really don't have much else to say. There are two other volumes. It's late.


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